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Cooper and Swirl’s friends, Patty & Tish, sent such wonderful New Year’s pix, we just had to share with Cooper’s wishes for you ….

May Your Cup Runneth Over


May the Love of Your Friends, Shelter You from the Cold


May You Avoid Boring Diets


And May You Have Oodles of FUN before Anyone Notices the Pillows are Missing !

Welcome 2011!!!

Cooper and Swirl

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… which is an invitation for snow dogs (a.k.a. Cooper & Swirl) to play in the snow


… and roll in the snow


… and roll some more!


Because snow–like so many opportunities–won’t wait, if we hesitate ….

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Wishing a bountiful Thanksgiving to one & all!

And a special shout-out to Kalea, who will be helping her Grandma Vicki and Grandpa Mike (our former neighbors) decorate their Christmas tree on Friday. Kalea is a budding sports super-star, and her Grandma’s indispensable helper when it comes to festive decorating for every season & any reason! Kalea’s little brother Tommy will be on hand, too! We’re Thankful they’re our friends!

“Now, can we go and play in the snow?” says the Super Coop. Of course!


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Swirl says, “We sure do!”


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Golden Glory

Pit Perfection

Doxie Devotion

Terrier Tenacity

Shepherd Strength

Delightful Diversion

Dogs RULE!

happy halloween, from Cooper and Swirl !!!!!!

(& thanks, Shari, for the pix)

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If you love dogs–especially rescue dogs–you’ve probably read the smart, funny, illuminating magazine called Bark. Perhaps you’ve even visited their website, and know that every week they feature a slide show of a zillion (at least!) smiling pups. This week, our own Swirl is amongst them, and just click here to see them. Since they spotlight the happy dogs alphabetically, you’ll have to endure pages of sweet dogs with silly, happy smiles before you come to Swirly, but–as in so many things–the journey is as wonderful as the destination. Bon Voyage!

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