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Wake up, Precious!  Rise and shine, Sunshine!  It’s Monday, you’ve got a job to do!

Pound-for-pound, Precious is about as powerful as a pooch can be. She was born a Georgia Peach, but now lives the country life in the Great Northwest, managing home and hearth for Alice and Tish. She found Alice at a time when Alice’s mom was struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. Just 2 1/2 pounds of puppy-joy, Precious entertained them and gave them something to smile about!

Because everyone smiles at a little dog in a pink tutu! And we mean, EVERYONE.

Grown-up and a hefty 6-pounds now, Precious, of course, resists the urge to throw her weight around–o my, that’s so not her! She gently coaxes smiles from one & all. She’ll plant a kiss on your cheek (or your toes) when you least expect it, but you need it most. How can sucha big, powerful personality reside in sucha small package? (one of Life’s great mysteries, for sure) Cooper and Swirl say:

Girlfriend, you really are Precious!

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