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There was a slight advantage to being one of the family, for he did not bite the family as often as he bit strangers….  James Thurber

Mom, Thanks for your patience! It’s true, that sometimes pound pups come with baggage their new families would rather leave behind. It takes time to change old habits, and you understood that.

When I was a skinny street stray, I learned to defend myself by biting. Sometimes I was scared or threatened, but sometimes it was just because… I’m cute, so no one ever saw it coming.

But since I’ve had a home and a family, I’ve learned that I don’t need defenses like biting anymore. Tho I’m tempted sometimes, I haven’t chomped on any plump human digits in over a year. Pretty good, huh?

Thanks for being so patient. Thanks for reasoning with me, instead of raising a hand to me. I can change. My intentions are good.

Thanks, Mom!

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