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Nearly a dozen years ago, we met Cindy Rackley as part of a big story for Horse & Rider magazine on ‘animal communicators,’ and discovered that Cindy was trained in many alternative healing therapies for both people and pets, such as reiki and homeopathy. For years, she’s also been deeply involved with the Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary in California.

So, it came as little surprise that her son, Cody Rackley, would be the co-founder–with Jill Anderson–of something as grand as Shadow’s Fund and the Sheltering Oak Sanctuary, a rescue organization devoted to senior dogs and other canines whose sad fate leads them to crowded shelters with a slim chance of adoption.

Shadow’s Fund is named for that smiling senior citizen pictured in this post, who was abandoned by his owners after he’d given them 15 years of devoted service.

No way!” Cooper says. But wait–this has a happy ending, little Coop…

Cody and Jill brought Shadow into their family, and he brought them the mellow companionship and understanding heart that senior dogs just seem to acquire over the years. Here’s a link to their tribute to Shadow–and as our friend Priscilla would say, we double-dog-dare you to watch it without a getting a little ‘sand’ in your eye…

And so Cooper and Swirl would like to thank Cody and Jill for their determination and steadfast devotion to all critters who are down on their luck, thru absolutely no fault of their own. We support you, 100%!

“A wag-of-the-tail to Cody and Jill, and Shadow’s Fund!” says the Coopster.

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Nor does anyone who ever owned a dog need to be told the sound a man makes as he bends over a dog that has been his for many years….  Eric Knight

Ol’ Jack was a working ranch dog, who knew the quiet rhythm and the intricate dance of gathering cows and calves. In the years we were their neighbors, we never saw Les and Lorraine drive by in their truck without Ol’ Jack riding lookout on the front seat between them. Theirs is surely one of the most beautiful and historic ranches on the planet, tucked into a canyon named for the call that quail make, ‘na-ha-hum, na-ha-hum.’

Of course, Ol’ Jack helped Les with other chores, too, like gathering firewood for long winters, cutting and baling hay, or repairing their 100-year-old log cabin.

Sometimes, clever little field mice made chores much more interesting!

Ol’ Jack was always on the job. There was much to do, accompanying Les and Lorraine on their rounds and working the picturesque Eagle Rock Ranch. Whether it was 20-degrees or 120-degrees, Ol’ Jack was tireless. We’re proud that such a noble dog was our friend.

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The old dog barks backwards without getting up.

I can remember when he was a pup….  Robert Frost

He was a vagabond stray when we met, with the most eloquent eyes.

For more than 16 years, Foxie charmed us and made us smile.

Sometimes, the hair on the top of his head stood straight up!

It made him laugh–us, too.

As far as we were concerned, he could walk on water…. well, frozen water… well, snow actually.

While we slogged slowly through deep crusty snow,

he danced across the top of snowflakes!

Then, he’d find the softest, fluffiest down jac, and curl up to snooze.

Sweet Dreams, dear Little Fox.

We miss your smile.

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