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Sammy was wandering the streets in Plummer, Idaho, when a kind policeman nabbed the little urchin and brought him to a Spokane shelter. He wasn’t even 5 months old… Sammy didn’t know it then, but he was about to come out of the darkness and into the light!

That’s when Caryl found him, ‘a filthy little furball, scrunched up at the front of his kennel.’ She couldn’t tell head from tail, until she put her finger into his cage, and a little tongue came out to give her a kiss. Sammy went home with Caryl.

Hey, Sammy, open your eyes to your great new life!

Sure enough, Sammy found he could sail through life with Caryl….

Yes, sir! He could fly!

Caryl, smart cookie that she is, realized that Sammy had a certain effect on people: he made them smile. Even the biggest frown turned upside down around Sammy  ;D

It was a balancing act, but Sammy and Caryl went into pet therapy training, and not surprisingly, Mr Warm & Fuzzy Feelings Sammy graduated at the top of his class! Just four days after his 1st birthday, Sammy passed his Delta Society evaluation (dogs must be at least 1-year-old), on his way to becoming an official pet therapy dog!

For nearly 2 months now, Sammy and Caryl have been visiting their local Ronald McDonald House, bringing smiles and unconditional doggie love to everyone there.

Sammy, you’re our hero! You make former pound pups everywhere very proud.

Sammy photos courtesy Caryl Harper. Thanks!

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There’s no place like home, Toto…. I don’t think Dorothy was just talking to her dog, she was talking to every dog who has wandered or lost his way, and she was talking to all the dogs patiently waiting at Humane Societies or rescue groups for someone to take them home.

I know how it is to wait, and feel lost and hungry. And, I know how it felt when someone looked into my eyes and saw not just a straggly little waif, but family. I wish all lost dogs could be found.

It feels great!

“Wherever smoke wreaths heavenward curl—Cave of a hermit, hovel of churl, Mansion of merchant, princely dome—Out of the dreariness, Into its cheeriness, Come we in weariness, HOME.”   ….Stephen Chalmers.

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