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Super Cooper has journalistic aspirations, and since humans are always asking dogs to Speak!–well, he thought he would, too. So, Cooper called on his cousin in Texas, Kelso (aka Special K). Special’s mom, Andrea, an editor at The AQHA Journal, gave Coop some professional tips, then the two Cocker cousins let the good times roll!

Cooper: Why is your nickname Special K?

Special K: When I get excited about something (which is pretty much all the time) the happy just builds up inside me. Sometimes I can take care of it by just waggling my back end a whole bunch. But then it starts growing. It starts coming out in squeaks, and if that’s not enough, then I have to start running in happy circles to express the joy pouring out of me. Sometimes — OK, OK — lots of times, I smash headfirst into walls. But, frankly, that’s the price of happiness.

Cooper: What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

Special K: I once chewed up David McCullough’s Truman. It was pretty good.

Cooper: What’s your favorite toy?

Special K: I don’t like toys; I have better things to do. For example: Practicing to become an elite Sock Ninja. I enjoy the challenge of snitching my mom’s socks off the floor when she’s standing right there. I liberate them to the back yard, because I feel that socks should be free to roam like nature intended, not trapped, huddled and sad, in some drawer. I also like to do this with my brother Domino’s toys because it irritates him, and that’s real fun.

Cooper: What does your mom love most about you?

Special K: My positive attitude. I remind her that life’s too short to be mad about anything – just be happy!

Cooper: Please finish this sentence: It would surprise people to know that I…

Special K:  …Like to sprawl when I sleep. If I’m on the bed, I tend to fall off… not that that wakes me up!

Cooper: If you could have one job, what would it be?

Special K: Interior decorator. My mom has made some awful decorating choices, so I chewed them up real good for her.

Cooper: What’s your motto?

Special K: If you’re happy, run in circles and damn the walls!

Cooper: What’s your idea of perfect happiness, Special?

Special K: Perfect happiness is love, whether that’s being cuddled up with my person, or eating a bacon cheeseburger. Or True Love: cuddling while eating bacon cheeseburgers!

Cooper: Thanks, K — you are truly Special!

Special K photos courtesy Andrea Caudill. Thanks!

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