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This morning, Swirl welcomed early rays of sunlight (hidden behind clouds yesterday), and contemplated all the possibilities of the weekend ahead… Around her, dandelions’ pert yellow blooms signaled spring … Could they be the perfect accessory for our stylish little miss?

Yes! She had to smile! Their sunshine color was quite complimentary, and Swirl knew from nibbling their new leaves, that dandelions are power-packed with good intentions.

Tender young dandelion leaves are wonderful in salads or soups. Native Americans drank dandelion leaf tea to avoid stomach aches, and dandelion root tea to end heartburn… but Swirl’s favorite recipe is for dandelion wine…

‘Way back in the 1950s, the American novelist Ray Bradbury wrote a little book called Dandelion Wine. Quite unlike his sci-fi masterpiece, The Martian Chronicles, or his scary Fahrenheit 451, this memorable story extolled old-fashioned, small town life in a most magical manner. The main character was a 12-year-old boy, whose grandpa made Dandelion Wine… Somehow, the grandpa’s remarkable recipe for Dandelion Wine captured everything that was joyous about summer, then he bottled it! Yep, he corked it, so he could savor the joy for years to come.

Readers loved this little gem of a book. In fact, one Apollo astronaut liked it so much, he named a crater on the moon, Dandelion Crater! Guess we could say, dandelions are out of this world!

  • Here’s Swirl’s recipe for her 2010 Dandelion Wine: take sunshine and rolls in the grass; combine with walks in the mountains and runs on the beach; add nightly snuggles with Cooper¬†and good times with family (especially Aunt Chrissy) and friends; season with dandelions to taste.
  • Savor for the rest of your life!

There goes Swirl, off to collect her ingredients….

What ingredients would you include in your 2010 Dandelion Wine?

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