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It’s only 17 miles up the hill, but spring comes late at 5,200+ feet…

We met new friends at the top of the ridge:

Owen the Lab, taking a sun break with his ski buddies.

And a talkative Gray Jay …

It felt like we were on top of the world & could see forever …

It made Swirl smile …

… and Cooper wag his tail–can you tell?

For these pound pups, it was a great day to be alive!

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One day Swirl plays in the last remnants of winter’s snow, then horray–the sun shines and the daffs are out! It is finally Spring!




There are mossy hide-y holes to check… green green grass to roll in…

and some cool little friends who have been gone for the long winter months have returned…

Hello, Kermit!

Welcome back!


Then, the next day–can you believe it–this:

Which was very confusing, especially to the hummingbirds!

We don’t mind, let’s play inside with the green squeaky ball.

You fickle Spring!

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Like us, our fav Boxer boy, Jack, would like to shake off the last of winter’s snow!

“Snow be gone!” says  the Coopster. We second the motion!

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Some days, a little white dog just disappears into the white universe …

Thank goodness for spots.



Snow days are fun, but we hope that Spring comes soon!

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Swirl does!

Our world has been transformed, as if by magic!


Got snow? Got fun!

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Some people just bring out the best in their dogs, and this surely could be said for the owners of Mishka & Moki. While the Alaskan Husky is renown for stamina & athleticism, their intelligence and devotion are beloved by their fortunate families. And who wouldn’t like a relative just like Mishka?

Look out Justine Bieber — Mishka has her own youtube channel & her song is climbing the charts!

If you need some smiles on a gray or snowy day, click here to meet Mishka and listen to her sing!

OR, enjoy this conversation with Mishka:


“Good Dog!”

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Perhaps it’s a case of a boy & his toys … Perhaps in a deprived puppyhood, there was never a snow shovel … whatever the reason, Cooper loves our snow shovel … The first snow of the New Year has arrived, and he is ecstatic as he greets his old friend!

And while we make good use of the shovel, Swirl is busy collecting snow balls as only her full, feathery coat can …

And our fine friends look on as the landscape is magically transformed …


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… which is an invitation for snow dogs (a.k.a. Cooper & Swirl) to play in the snow


… and roll in the snow


… and roll some more!


Because snow–like so many opportunities–won’t wait, if we hesitate ….

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We learn lots from our fellow dog lovers, and this week we’ve learned that Rottweilers are not just great family dogs–smart, hardy and loyal–but in Germany, where they originated, they were frequently used to herd livestock and even pull carts, laden heavily with goods bound for market.

We’re used to our herding super-star Australian Kelpies and Border Collies, but herding Rottweilers were news to us! But there’s no denying the focus and intent of that handsome Rottweiler above: our young pal, Merlin.

“Merlin looks like he’s smiling,” Super Coop adds.

Our friend Wayne, a tireless volunteer with the Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue and owner of Ivan the Incredible (see this extraordinary pooch here), told us he’s started taking his young Rottweiler, Merlin, to herding lessons. That’s Merlin, herding sheep in the snow! Just see how ‘hooked-on’ to the sheep he is! He looks like a natural! Wayne told us that there are records indicating that Rottweilers have been utilized for herding since Roman times. Amazing!

And this wonderful young dog couldn’t look more at home, than in the field watching over his flock. Good Dog, Merlin!

That isn’t all that Merlin has been up to, since we last saw him playing with that incredible Ivan… Last summer, Merlin & Wayne also completed the Seattle 5K Marathon–the first time dogs have been allowed to participate–guess that makes this young Rottweiler a charter member of an elite club!

Here’s Merlin by Seattle Center’s International Fountain, taking in all the sights and sounds. Happy Dog!

“And what an accomplished pup!” says Coop.

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“You’d better watch out,” Santa Coop continues, “You’d better not cry…

Better not pout, I’m telling you why….”

Precious is coming to town!

“Precious inspects every package that comes into our house,” Alice says. And when something arrives for her–she knows it… Maybe it’s the smell of the contents or the friend who packed it, but Precious checks everything out!” Good girl, Precious! Little Homeland Security Dog!

“Stay warm,” Cooper croons to his little friend, “Cuz, Baby it’s cold outside!”

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Recently, we had the great good fortune to meet Priscilla, who lives with her family on the East Coast. Happily, her family includes Jack, a 6-month-old, 55 lb. boxer puppy, and Gorda, who was a surprise: they thought they were rescuing a rat terrier (15-20 lbs) and instead, she really was a toy fox terrier, weighing in at 7 lbs. “She’s a mini-surprise!” says Cooper. Priscilla shared a beautiful portrait of her pups:

“Wow, you can use the words ‘clean’ and ‘white dog’ in the same sentence!” Cooper says. Since Cooper’s idea of cleaning up for dinner is shaking off the horse poop he’s been rolling in before he comes in to eat, you can imagine that our country bumpkins were pretty impressed by Priscilla’s beautifully groomed family… But she soon set us straight, and we haven’t stopped laughing since! In her own words:

Jack’s not all that white all that often… once again, the husband is to blame, and yes, i roll my eyes every day. Jack’s the great white boxer, he only looks clean here. he likes to roll in dirt, eat dirt and otherwise loves anything to do with dirt. he likes to eat mice. i have pulled two dead mice out of his mouth in his short 6 months of life, and i pulled a bird’s head out of his mouth last weekend–i wonder where the body went? lalalalaa, not thinking about that. so don’t think you have the market cornered on bumpkin!

and by the way, shortly after i took the picture, ostensibly to show my decorator girlfriend the new white flokati rug i bought, jack ate said rug.

also, we took jack to a puppy play group and THREE people came up to us to tell us about whitening dog shampoos. when complete strangers are recommending shampoo, you’ve got to know you have a dirty dog!

“My sides hurt from from laughing so much,” Super Coop says. But read on, to learn how changing their newly adopted dog’s name influenced her behavior… It’s doggone amazing!!!  Again, in Priscilla’s words:

gorda is the toy fox terror, i mean terrier. she only walks on her front feet in the snow!

she was a rescue. when we got her, we kept her original name, haley. she had gone thru a disastrous 2 weeks with a family who abused her, so we weren’t keeping that name (besides it was “prancer” and i could not see myself calling that out loud in public!). and the name the temp foster mother, a teenaged girl, gave her was the german word for pretty: shon (umlauts over the o), and i was so-so on that, so we went back to her breeder given name, haley.

haley proved to be a VERY difficult dog, extremely fearful and a big time peeer. if you looked at her, she peed. if you said her name, she peed. etc. it was a real trial. then, i read a book by jon katz about his very bad sheepdog, boris. boris was bad to the bone. his trainer suggested renaming the dog, as it appeared to her that the dog misbehaved even more when the author said the dog’s name. he changed the name, and overnight, he claimed, the dog changed for the better. bad associations with his former name?

what the heck, i sez to meself, let’s try it. and, after a family conference, it was done, she was officially gorda. har har, that’s the husband’s humor: gorda is spanish for fat little girl; gorda weighs 7 lbs.

ANYway, the next day, no one could believe it. she was way less fearful of the family, and actually showed confidence, and didn’t pee every time someone looked her way. everyone kept reality checking one another, but it was true, she was different. the neighbors came over and confirmed it, not knowing we’d changed her name.

go fig. what’s in a name, eh william shakespeare?

Fantastic concept! “And fantastic new friends!” adds Super Cooper.

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Have you ever seen those wonderful Bev Doolittle paintings of pinto ponies materializing out a wooded landscape? Appearing, then disappearing in the artistic style that has become her signature….

Well, I give you our camouflage artist: Mr Super Cooper …. Watch as he appears and disappears … tracking the wily chipmunks that live in our snowy little wood ….

Inside their cozy hobbit home, our friendly chipmunks chuckle at Camouflage Coop’s vain attempts to flush them out! ho ho! ha ha!

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Wishing a bountiful Thanksgiving to one & all!

And a special shout-out to Kalea, who will be helping her Grandma Vicki and Grandpa Mike (our former neighbors) decorate their Christmas tree on Friday. Kalea is a budding sports super-star, and her Grandma’s indispensable helper when it comes to festive decorating for every season & any reason! Kalea’s little brother Tommy will be on hand, too! We’re Thankful they’re our friends!

“Now, can we go and play in the snow?” says the Super Coop. Of course!


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