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We’re lucky to live in a magical wood, filled with nooks and crannies where the forrest faeries live… Swirl gently explores (as is her nature), while brave Cooper boldly climbs over fallen trees and spongy spring moss…

Of course, it’s fun to play King of the Mountain!

Or hide under the giant fern that grows by the spring crocus…

Which brings us, Cooper, to a favorite spring poem:

“My idlest dreams go farthest, South to a land of fragrant springs

And rivers green beneath our boat-borne flutes and strings,

Back to a town of floating catkins mixed with golden dust

And crowds that fought to see the flowers.”

~  Li Lu  (937 – 978)

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There’s a usurper in the neighborhood!

Something is just not right at the bird feeder.

Never fear, Cooper’s on the case…

If only he could get closer…

Perhaps if he ripped out the clematis his mom has worked so hard to grow along the porch railing… he might squeeze thru those rails…

No, wait! The little chipper sees him coming (surely?), and flees the scene…


There he goes… as Cooper ponders the glory of the chase that might have been, if only he could’ve squeezed thru those darn rails…

That’s okay… Job well done, Cooper! Good Dog!

What should we do next?

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Some people just bring out the best in their dogs, and this surely could be said for the owners of Mishka & Moki. While the Alaskan Husky is renown for stamina & athleticism, their intelligence and devotion are beloved by their fortunate families. And who wouldn’t like a relative just like Mishka?

Look out Justine Bieber — Mishka has her own youtube channel & her song is climbing the charts!

If you need some smiles on a gray or snowy day, click here to meet Mishka and listen to her sing!

OR, enjoy this conversation with Mishka:


“Good Dog!”

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“……..  is Great!”


Especially if you don’t mind playing frisbee in the drizzle & damp …

We recently trekked west to Lake Crescent on a grey, moody day when the clouds reached down to touch the water … and the atmospherics reminded us of the Twilight novels. “Only no vampires in the trees,” Cooper says, “just bald eagles looking for lake trout for lunch… good thing Swirl wasn’t with us ~ she’d make the perfect appetizer for those big boys!”

Heavy moss dripped from branches and formed a canopy over the road … torrents of rain fell…. “Hey, you’re making it sound spooky & it wasn’t!” says the fearless Frisbee King.

In time, the sun broke thru the clouds, and we played frisbee in the little meadow by the lake… with nary a vampire in sight… but plenty of puddles to jump!

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Golden Glory

Pit Perfection

Doxie Devotion

Terrier Tenacity

Shepherd Strength

Delightful Diversion

Dogs RULE!

happy halloween, from Cooper and Swirl !!!!!!

(& thanks, Shari, for the pix)

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Swirl knows it.

Ivan the Incredible knows it.

Certainly, little Precious knows it….

“It’s not for nothing that good dogs don’t wear watches. They’re on dog time, which seems the best time of all.” ~Joe Murray

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We love the golden days of autumn in the Northwest, and look forward to carving pumpkins into smiling jack o’ lanterns. Of course, our canine fashionista, Swirl, is dressed for the task. Breezy afternoons that send colorful leaves to the ground are also perfect for playing frisbee. “Let’s use the blue frizz, not the yellow one, so we can find it in the leaves!” Cooper says.

As the maples in our magical wood are transformed by such glorious color, we’re reminded that our lives–like nature–are constantly transformed and changed. Or, as the Red Queen in Alice Through The Looking Glass said, “The only constant in life IS change!”

This weekend, our nephew Kevin is marrying his long-time girl, Renee. How wonderful! How romantic. They are a fabulous couple. “So, can we jump into the pile of leaves, now?” says Super Coop, only slightly impatient. Okay, first, let’s rake a nice, big pile…

“Hurry up—I’ll race you there!” Swirl says, dashing to play in the golden leaves.

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