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In our household, having a good vet is a necessity like, well, “… like having a frisbee break on a sunny afternoon!” Cooper says…

or, Swirl adds, “… having dandelion chain woven by woodland fairies, magically appear around your neck!”

But having an extraordinary vet, now that is something really special! And Dr. Don Berdan of Cascade Vet Clinic in Wenatchee, Washington, is extraordinary. We feel so fortunate to know him…

This week, the good vet is retiring after 37 years, to head down some new trails with his family and friends–both 2-legged and 4! Even though we’ve been gone from beautiful Central Washington for a couple of years, we’ve still considered Dr. Don our vet, and know how much everyone will miss his kind, kind heart and amazing healing powers.

He kept our Mr Fox healthy and hale throughout his senior years–and going strong and smiling until he was nearly 18!

And he helped Banner stay happy and on the job (working horses, of courses!).

We thank Dr. Don for helping our 4-legged family members live longer, healthier lives! And we wish him joy in his new journey—exciting adventures–and

Happy Trails, ’til we meet again!

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“… not Carnegie, Vanderbilt and Astor together could have raised money enough to buy a quarter share in my little old dog…”  ~ Ernest Seaton, naturalist & writer

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Maud and Foxie were the best of friends. Is there anything so generous and steadfast as the heart of a dog? I think not.

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The old dog barks backwards without getting up.

I can remember when he was a pup….  Robert Frost

He was a vagabond stray when we met, with the most eloquent eyes.

For more than 16 years, Foxie charmed us and made us smile.

Sometimes, the hair on the top of his head stood straight up!

It made him laugh–us, too.

As far as we were concerned, he could walk on water…. well, frozen water… well, snow actually.

While we slogged slowly through deep crusty snow,

he danced across the top of snowflakes!

Then, he’d find the softest, fluffiest down jac, and curl up to snooze.

Sweet Dreams, dear Little Fox.

We miss your smile.

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